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Abstract Requirements & Templates

Abstracts are brief summaries of the presenters’ research projects. The abstracts of the presenters’ at SURF will be published in the SURF event program book. Guests at the SURF will use these abstracts in the program book to identify presentations of interest.

Components of an abstract

  • the title and author information
  • the body of the abstract
  • the acknowledgment statement

Abstract Guidelines – you are required to use this format.

Follow the format shown in the templates, which includes all of the formatting instructions listed below.

Abstract Requirements

Abstract Submission Deadline:  This date will be announced in 2019

Abstract Formatting Instructions:
  • File Type: Abstracts must be generated in MS Word (.doc or .docx).
  • File Name: Please title the abstract file as follows, the presenter’s entire last name, followed by the first initial of their first name plus the word “Abstract”. Example: “SmithJAbstract.doc”
  • Page Format: 8.5″ x 11″ page with 1-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font.
  • Page Limit: 1 page for complete abstract.
  • Title: The abstract title should be in all CAPITAL letters and centered on the page.
  • Authors: The presenting author’s name (student) should be underlined. The presenting undergraduate author should be the first author listed and the research mentor should be the last author listed. Any coauthors should be included between the first and last authors. Affiliations should be included for all authors/coauthors and noted using superscript numbers.
  • Affiliations: Provide the affiliation for each author. Use superscript numbers to identify which author is associated with the listed affiliations. An author may have more than one affiliation. The format for affiliations should be as follows: Department of XXX, PresenterInstitutionName, StreetAddress, City, State (abbreviation) ZIPCODE. Example: Department of Biological Sciences, UMBC, 1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250
  • The Body of Abstract: Maximum word count is 300. (Title, authors, affiliations and acknowledgment statement are not included in word limit). Paragraphs must be indented using a tab.
  • Acknowledgment Statement: This should specifically recognize funding support of the research project. Program coordinators, directors, and/or research mentors can provide this information.
Abstract Content Instructions:
  • Suggested content for the body of the abstract on the presenter’s research includes background, research question, approach and experiments, and conclusion.
  • Remember that the presenter’s research mentor must approve the final abstract before it is submitted. (It may take a few rewrites to get a final version, so please allow ample time for the mentor review process.)
  • Once the abstract is submitted via the SURF Abstract Submission and Presenter Registration Form the mentor will receive an e-mail requesting him/her to confirm his/her approval of the abstract. (Note, it is always appropriate for student presenters to have their mentor review the abstract before it is submitted).
  • Please check all spelling and grammar.

Presenter Registration & Abstract Submission Form

Each student who wants to present their findings at SURF is responsible for completing the Presenter Registration & Abstract Submission Form.

For shared/group presentations, each co-presenter must independently complete the Presenter Registration & Abstract Submission Form.
Students with questions that cannot be answered by individual research mentors, should send them to