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Instructions for SURF Presenters

Congratulations on your summer research experience! A key components to research is presenting and sharing the findings with the scientific community. There are three common ways to share scientific findings with the scientific community are: publishing a manuscript, oral presentations and poster presentations. The Summer Undergraduate Research Fest provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to present their summer research in either an oral presentation or poster presentation.

Abstract Submission Deadline July 27, 2016, 5 p.m. EST

In order to present research in either format at SURF, please follow these steps:

  1. Write Abstract

    Read the abstract requirements carefully before beginning to write. An abstract template is provided for your reference.

  2. Review Abstract (by Mentor)

    Edits may be necessary before final approval is given from your mentor. Please plan your time appropriately for this process.

  3. Submit Abstract

    Read and follow the abstract requirements carefully before submitting your abstract.

  4. Prepare Presentation

    Read the list of best practices for presenters. Presentation preparation includes practicing your presentation as well as developing your presentation materials (poster or powerpoint). 

  5. Present Research

    Remember to smile and enjoy the experience.