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The CNMS summer research programs and independent student research opportunities at UMBC could not be offered without the support of research mentors on and off campus. The many contributions of these dedicated mentors are very much appreciated. It is hoped that all mentors of participants in the event and members of their lab groups are able to attend the Summer Undergraduate Research Fest at UMBC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to present at SURF?

UMBC or visiting undergraduate students who are conducting research during the summer under the mentorship of a faculty member from UMBC or other approved institution is eligible to register to present at SURF.

How does an undergraduate student researcher go about presenting at SURF?

To present research at SURF, the student researcher must submit the Presenter Registration & Abstract Submission Form ( and upload an abstract that complies with the abstract requirements by the stated abstract deadline.

Is there a skills workshop to help prepare the students? YES

PRESENTATION SKILLS WORKSHOP : The next workshop date and location will be announced in 2019.

What is the role of the mentor with regard to SURF?
Abstract Review

Prior to the abstract submission process, it is recommended that the mentor works with the student researcher to provide guidance and feedback to write the abstract.

Abstract Approval (prior to approval please ensure the student followed the template guidelines)

In our efforts to ensure the integrity of the student’s work, we require the approval of submitted abstract from the research mentor or a designated individual. Mentors are asked, via e-mail, to confirm their approval of the presenters’ abstracts online and indicate whether they want the abstract to appear online or not. All submitted abstracts will be published in the SURF Program Book, which will be distributed at the event.

Poster Printing

It is recommended that the mentor works with the student research to design and print the poster. SURF does not provide funding for the printing of posters. Poster requirements are available online. The maximum poster size for SURF is 36-inches wide by 42-inches high (~92 cm x ~107 cm). This size allows for side-by-side mounting of two posters per unit.

Event Attendance

All research mentors are invited to attend SURF to show their continued support for undergraduate research. We ask mentors and members of their lab groups who plan to attend are asked to register their attendance online as early as possible so that name tags can be made and adequate food can be ordered for the buffet breakfast.

What are the formatting requirements for the abstract?
Abstract Formatting Instructions